How to Add Podcast to WordPress

Adding a podcasts to WordPress or any site is very helpful in communicating your business ideas or marketing programs to the population.  It also allows your “readers” easy access to the information you are putting out in a easy to use format.

Podcast Narration:

podcasts wordpress



Adding Anchor Podcasts, it’s not hard to add to Some WordPress Sites.

Let me explain, I have one WordPress Free Site, will not work with the ifame HTML code.

I have another Paid Site it does Work, Yeah!!!






See the images in order to spot placement.









Locate where it should be placed on the visible edit side on word press image 1.

Then with the curser on before the first letter of text hit double space to open two line of space. Image 2.

Then use the embedded code to copy and paste in the open space on the Text side. Images 3, 4, 5, And 6.

Place copied FROM Anchor your embedded Code in the open spaces you made before.

After pasting the embed link copied FROM Anchor in the open space.

Click back over to the visible edit side on WordPress. Wait…Bingo Anchor should pop open. Image 7

Bingo easy!

Be sure to hit Update to publish and that was not so bad, was it?

Remember you are not able to add in a free account the iframe it will not work. Just use add link feature and write “podcast” for the link.

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How to Add Podcast to WordPress

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