How Do You Like Your Steak?

everyone has a different preference for how they wish to enjoy a good steak. Personally I like mine medium rare. The amount of cooking affects the flavor texture and over all taste of the steak.

Don’t leave it to chance. Instead, use a meat thermometer and consult this guide for accurate results.

No matter how expert your grilling skills, you probably can’t accurately tell when a steak’s ready simply by looking at it. Visual cues can be deceiving: The exterior may look tantalizing while inside is still too raw. If you tend to test how it’s progressing by poking it with a fork, you’re releasing some of those flavors and juices that make the meat delicious. Wielding a trusty thermometer, aim for internal temperatures of 135 degrees, 140 degrees and 145 degrees for medium-rare, medium and medium-well steaks, respectively. (P.S. If these temperatures are lower than you’re used to, it’s because we’re factoring in a process called “carryover cooking.” Once the steak is removed from the grill, its internal temperature will rise several degrees as it rests.


Internal Temperature for Steak Cooking temperatures are relatively the same across all cuts of beef. But cooking times can vary based on the type, thickness and size of the steak. Follow this estimated grilling temperature guide.

Extra-rare or Bleu






Medium Rare






Medium Well



Well Done



HOT TIP: Using a meat thermometer will take the guesswork out of determining if your steaks are ready to eat. Simply read the temperature on the thermometer display and compare it to the desired level on the chart.

Estimate Your Cooking Time

If you don’t want to use a meat thermometer, it is possible to estimate your cooking times for different types of steak.

Steak Cut:

Filet Mignon & Center-Cut Ribeyes

Cooking Time for Rare:

3-4 minutes

Cooking Time for Medium-Rare:

3½-4½ minutes

Cooking Time for Medium:

4-5 minutes

Steak Cut:

Sirloin Strip Steaks, Ribeye Steaks & Porterhouse Steaks

Cooking Time for Rare:

4-6 minutes

Cooking Time for Medium-Rare:

5-7 minutes

Cooking Time for Medium:

6-8 minutes

HOT TIP: Timing will vary based on thickness of cut, your grill and the grill temperature.

When it comes to steak, it can be hard to be patient, but you never want to pull steak straight from the fridge to throw on the grill. Plan ahead, giving the meat time to reach room temperature. A cold steak will cook unevenly, potentially causing the outside to burn while the inside remains undercooked. Depending on the cut, allow a half-hour to two hours for the meat to sit on the counter.

Mistake – Turning the steak only once

It’s a common misconception that the best way to keep a steak tender and juicy is to flip it once. While you may get photo-worthy grill marks, your steak won’t be any more delicious. In fact, with this method, you may be drying out the steak. Get into the habit of turning your steak multiple times as it cooks, especially when the heat is high. Extra flips allow the steak to cook more quickly (up to 30% faster than the one-flip method.) This is what will give you a juicier steak. You’ll also find that this method helps the meat cook evenly, without much curling along the edges.

Kitchen tip: It’s essential to use tongs instead of a fork to flip your meat.

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