Halloween Is Awesome DIY Holiday Party Tips

Halloween is on its way. It’s not too early to start planning those Halloween parties and projects you have always wanted to do! We have gathered several great tips and crafts for Halloween.


Make sure your house stands out from the rest!  Add a few spooky personalized decorations to your entrance:

Halloween Banner: Hang a custom banner over your door or sign-in table.  Add a creepy message!

Monster Cutouts: A life-size cutout at the door of you as a mummy, witch or even dracula makes for a great photo op!

• Halloween Wearables: If

someone forgot a costume, make sure to have a big bowl at the entrance filled with masks, hats, and accessories.  Dressing up is half the fun!

• Ghost Luminaries: Draw ghost faces on white paper bags with black marker and add a votive candle.  Line your walkway with dozens of “ghosts”!

• Keep Out! Door Decoration: Wrap your front door with caution tape and add a “Keep Out” sigh for an easy door decoration.  Spotlight with green lighting for an eerie glow.

• Get the Kids Involved! Let them help you make ghosts to hang from the trees. Get small white garbage bags and fill them with paper or leaves. Tie them off at the “neck” and add a sting to hang with – cute and easy. You can also get pumpkin theme garbage bags for all of your leaves. The kids will love this Halloween house party idea… and you’ll get a clean yard out of the deal!

Keep it simple when decorating the inside of your home for a Halloween House Party! These spooky ideas are easy to do but will still give your guests a good scare:

• Use fishing line to hang witch hats from the ceiling and string an led light stick on the inside of each one to make it glow!

• Jack-o-lanterns aren’t just for outside!  Line carved pumpkins on your mantel or up your stairs.  The more the better!

• Stretchy spider webs look spooky on stair railings and chandeliers!

• Hang a black balloon in the corners of your ceiling and add black crepe paper “legs” for a creative and inexpensive decoration.

• Put a black cauldron in your fireplace.  Add water, dry ice, and an led stick to make your cauldron bubble and glow!

• Wrap doors and off limit areas in yellow caution tape.

• Don’t forget lighting!  Orange and purple string lights and black lights will give your house party the perfect Halloween feel.

Of course, you’ll want to decorate your guests, too. Set out bowls of glow jewelry and light up accessories throughout your home.  Your friends will light up the night!


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Halloween Decorating Tips:

• Plastic spiders and artificial spider webbing aren’t just for the bushes outdoors.  Use webbing as a base for a pillar candle centerpiece, and spread spiders around for a creepy effect.

• Rely on orange and black as color staples for your Halloween bash.  Group balloons together and use a plastic skull as a weight.  Place them on your buffet, bar, and sign-in tables, and group balloons in odd numbers, which is more appealing to the eye.

• Draw guests to your haunted mansion with paper bag lanterns along your walkway.  Use battery powered votives to avoid a fire hazard.

• Group pumpkins and small gourds on tables to bring out the Halloween spirit!

• Use a large plastic cauldron as a beer cooler.  Fill it with loads of ice and your favorite pops and beers.

• Group candlesticks on mantles and tables and lower the room’s lights to create an spooky atmosphere.

• Use black lights with white table cloths to create an eerie glow.

• Set out baskets of candy, so family and friends can munch on their Halloween favorites if they didn’t get the chance to go trick-or-treating.

Try this type wording for Halloween House Party Invitations:

• Eat, Drink and Be Batty at the (name) Halloween House Party!

• Calling all Witches, Goblins and Ghosts, the Millers are your Halloween Hosts!

• Join us for a Spooktacular time!

• Come hang out for a spell at the Stepic’s Halloween House Party!

• If you like a scare and are fond of fright, join us on Halloween night!

• Fly or Float, just don’t be tardy… to our Annual Halloween Costume Party

• Scare up a costume and join us for a Halloween House Party

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