14 Simple Ways to Be Healthier Every Single Day

Even minor adjustments can produce major results. To inspire you to live healthier each day, we’ve rounded up 14 simple habits that make all the difference. Most of them only take 5 minutes.

Get moving.

Bike to work. Do a set of jumping jacks in the morning. Buy a jump rope and spend five minutes perfecting your double dutch. Put on a playlist of four or five songs and dance. Set an alert for yourself for every hour or so and make a point to walk to the office kitchen for a cup of tea or stroll to a co-worker’s desk to say hi.

Cool off.

Though a hot, steamy shower is the stuff of daydreams, it can actually be damaging to your skin and hair health. Because no one really wants to take an icy shower, try to find a happy medium and cool it down a touch, or at least turn the temperature down during the last two minutes of your shower. Even this burst of cold will do your body good, closing your pores and hair follicles (and waking you right up).


Throughout the day, pay attention to your body, and stretch when you’re feeling cramped, tired, or just generally in need of a pick-me-up. Try a couple of sun salutations first thing in the morning to get your blood flowing, and end your day with a slow, seated stretch of bending at your hips to touch your toes. Hang out in these positions for as long as feels necessary.

Look up.

The next time you’re walking down a street, put your phone away and allow your eyes to wander. Notice details, marvel at architectural achievements. Challenge yourself to pay attention to things you might normally ignore. Pause before going inside, and look up.

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